Dentures – more commonly known as false teeth are important if you lose your natural teeth as losing your teeth makes it difficult to chew your food, which will adversely affect your diet and may cause your facial muscles to sag.
A full set is used to replace all your teeth (Removable Complete Denture) or a part set is used to replace one or more missing teeth (Removable Partial Denture). Complete dentures cover your entire upper or lower jaw. Partials replace one or a few teeth. Dentures are custom-made by using impressions from your gums. They’re removable so you can clean them, although part dentures can be brushed at the same time as your other teeth. A full set needs to be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution.
Generally, from 2 up to 4 appointments will be necessary as dentures are made in stages. The stages are the same whether you are having Full dentures or Partial dentures.
It is important to keep the denture clean at all times.

  • Rinse them after meals and brush them twice a day using toothpaste or soap and water.
  • Dentures should be worn only while you are awake; they need to be removed at night.
  • Your dentures can be sterilized in a denture solution, always rinse or brush your dentures before putting them back in your mouth. If your dentures get stains that you cannot remove ask your dentist to clean them professionally at your next appointment.